Independent Linen Service

Products and Services

Located in Salisbury, North Carolina, Independent Linen Service is a family owned and operated textile finishing company. Independent Linen Service, or simply referred to as ILS, is the leading provider in textile finishing!

ILS finishes roll goods, top of bed items, slip covers, garments, and other home furnishings. Other services include wet processing, fabric and garment dying, dry processing, tumble finish, garment finishing, Teflon application, slitting service and cut down and re-roll service.

Our equipment at our facility is capable of finishing rolls in 50 to 60 yard lengths from greige rolls up to 600 yards. ILS is capable of washing 60,000 yards of material per week.

At ILS, our focus is on providing our customers with superior quality products, services and support. Our services are delivered with a commitment to personalized customer care.

For more information, please contact:

CEO Gene Brannon

COO Web Brannon

CFO Braxton Brannon